Thursday, April 9, 2015

Girls Night Out on Steriods

OK, I wanted to use the word "hormones" (or even Estrogen) but didn't. Last night, Liz and I went to a small dinner I could not even imagined going to a few years ago. We are members of a professional women's networking group I have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo before.

Each time I learn a little more about how generics interact without men around. Some still seem to define themselves through their husbands but in this group many are there to network their business. A varied group to say the least. In case you are interested, I just quit outing myself as a transgender woman to this group after the first meeting we went to.

What I found most interesting last night though were several 20 or 30 something women who were talking about not wanting kids.  Plus, there were several others who supported their right to not birth children.  I had several ideas (of course).

I thought most likely I had the easiest route to having my daughter of anyone and it was cool to add my grandparent experiences. A Much better-time-believe me!

More importantly though, I thought of one of the not so venerable arguments that trans women can't be women because we can't birth a child. So I guess, those three or four generics last night without birthing experiences can't be women?

I just smirked to myself and ate my dinner secure in the fact there are still people who still mistake females for women and males for men. Somehow I think I wouldn't use the "W" word for the local woman here who starved her 8th child to death.

One thing is for sure, "girls night out on steriods" never disappoints as a learning experience.

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