Friday, March 20, 2015

YOU Are the Only Reality

I will direct you to a couple of the "Fabulous Connie Dee" comments in a moment but in the mean time, she brought a great point about her health situation and the effect it has on her chances to even start HRT. She took her points to a conclusion that the only reality which mattered to her-was her. Who cares about the Zoey Tur's and the trans trolls of the world? Right, so true Connie but aren't they an easy target?

Most certainly, most of the world doesn't care. Every couple of Thursday's, Liz and I go to meetup group of peeps who range from artists,to writers to other so called creative peeps.  When I join in a conversation with any of them, I don't (number one) out myself. I do give them a blog biz card plus a "Stiletttos on Thin Ice" book promo card. Even with those self promo items, I am not outing myself as such.  Why? I don't believe either define me as a person.  Plus, if someone cares enough-here I am.

I suppose I have entered a new entered of awareness in my Mtf gender transition. I'm not stealth, I just am.  Which leads me right back to Connie's reality.  We are the same age and we fought for decades to "find"ourselves. If you are spending time looking back at your eyes in the mirror, the unfortunate reality is, if you are transgender-first of all try to get into the world and try it out for size. Remember though, one size does not fit all. Chances are if you find the right size-you were born with it.

At that point, it's time for you to seriously begin to explore your own transgender reality-right Mandy?

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