Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Don't Try This at Home?

Following yesterday's Cyrsti's Condo post concerning my endocrinologist increasing my estrogen patch strength, Jeni S. commented that after a certain point-it is wasted in your body. That it is, and most certainly if you try to overdose on it, you will not be sprouting the DD breasts of your dreams by next month.

What Jeni neglected to point out (along with me), estrogen can be extremely dangerous too.  I have met more than a couple of middle aged trans women who have damaged their body's from un- monitored HRT. In fact yesterday, the generic taking my blood, took the opportunity to "warn" me too.  I simply said, that exactly is why I am seeing the endocrinologist down the hall.

Let's be careful and patient out there girls-don't become a patient.

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