Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Visionary?

As I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo before, my first initial explorations into Mom's makeup and clothes seem like a lifetime ago.  That is because it is true. Plus, every time I think one stage of my transition will not lead to another-it does.

It's happening again. All of the sudden, a very clear picture of whom I am to become in  the next stage of my transition is coming into focus .Huh?? Can't tell you exactly why, but everyonce in awhile my noggin kicks in with concrete "oh that makes sense" ideas. As it did when I decided to start HRT. 

Here's a look...kind of.  First of all, I wear glasses but only have a male pair.  I need a new pair so I "see/need" girl glasses in my future-so I can see...better...duh! Never had to worry about it when I was "part time." So,  barring plague, or pestilence, glasses are the number one priority. Secondly, in an order only my mind may comprehend, I'm thinking about a new off the shoulder hair style to complement the glasses. Plus, I have lost close to 25 pounds on my diet.

Finally, there is the TATOO.  Finally, I boxed myself in about subjecting my body to un-needed pain and suffering.  I slipped up in a moment of insanity and told Liz -years ago I would get a tattoo when Ohio State won another National Championship in football.  (Thinking they wouldn't) Well of course, this year they did and guess what?

For once, I do have a plan and it involves a pink and blue butterfly design (like the one on the left) over my right breast.

One way or another, I can't do my usual procrastination with any of this because yet again I'm meeting a whole set of new peeps.  I don't necessarily want to do any extra transitioning in front of them!

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