Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Best New Years Post EVER?

I suppose I get jaded, OK, I am jaded.

Plus, since I have written a daily blog for well over three years now, I know how difficult it is to maintain perspective.

Yesterday, I saw "perspective" on a transgender stage I don't normally see when I made my regular visit to Stana's Femulate blog. Stana very simply, posted a before and after picture of herself. I was blown away. Whoa I thought, that's huge.  It took a lot for me to post my "before" picture here in the blog long ago in one of my side pages. I suppose first I was afraid, then as I transitioned, the person I saw wasn't me.  I wondered if anyone else cared and why?

Since I have been a regular visitor to her blog, I know Stana has struggled over the question of coming out and living as her natural self for awhile now. Seemingly, her picture on one of the most visited cross dressing/transgender based blogs anywhere answered a ton of questions.

We all know though, there is a huge jump from identifying as a cross dresser to a transgender person. I have never made a value judgment on who does or doesn't make the jump. Plus, I also know from experience, many never do. Many reasons are ironically rooted in the same male lives we are/were stuck in. You know, shut up, suck it up, don't complain and move on-be a man.  Of course, doing this makes our plight all so more serious. Take Leelah Alcorn for example, reportedly,  her Dad still is calling her his son. I have a long term friend who refuses to even consider he may be trans get out of one marriage to a very unsupportive spouse and within a couple months get engaged at the age of 65.  I asked did he find it important to tell his new fiancĂ©? Of course he didn't. This is the guy who "posed" as a generic woman for over a year on a site and built a whole new life...catfishing?

Those are just a few of the main reasons I most certainly applaud Stana for being one of the ultimate "mentors/role models" I have had the pleasure of ever meeting.  Forget the gorgeous part, I go to her obvious love of living her life on it's own terms. She is not alone, so many of other of you visitors to Cyrsti's Condo speak to the same idea of shedding your gender bonds. If you haven't yet:

Stana is living proof you can do it!!!

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