OMG!!! Am I Turning into My Mother?

One of the most common terms I hear from generics my age or less is "I am turning into my mother!" I assume they are telling the truth because I never met their Moms and the whole idea is bad.  On the other hand, I have met mine and yes, there are more than a few interesting comparisons.

First of all,  some of us resemble our Mom's.  In my family, it was clear from the beginning-my brother resembled my Dad while I resembled Mom. I know that alone does not make the person transgender. Most of us go on to grow and be masculinized -a "male" version of her.  Early pictures of her Dad made it clear where my genetics came from.

I'm sure generics feel the same way when they look in the mirror and I know they do when they act a certain way and  I'm beginning to feel the same.  All of a sudden, I am seeing all sorts of prime examples of how I am rapidly "syncing" up my personality with hers- and not in a good way.

She was the woman who would kick the drivers door in a cross walk on a car that cut through against the traffic light.  She was the 70 year old who would accelerate her Buick up a hill to cut off another driver driving trying to take her lane. Perhaps, most important of all, was her life long willingness to say pretty much what she wanted-when she wanted to say it. My Dad was decidedly more laid back.

I have accepted I resemble her and I have a real tendency to act like her.  My problem is in the series of "switches" I have had to gone through to accommodate myself.  As I made it through life, I could very much "bluff" my way through a macho existence and was left to my own "mouth."  Then of course as my "male privlidge" began to fade slowly as I grew older and then departed totally as I entered gender HRT transition- away it went. Not particularly a great time to showcase my sarcastic humor (?) on an unsuspecting public.

So I am stuck with all the genetic switches my Mom passed on and I can see them too in my 30 something daughter.  It's very ironic how much I am turning into my mother-more than she ever would want to know.

One thing is for sure-  She would not have hesitated to tell me her opinion on my transgender status and I wouldn't have hesitated to tell her I didn't care.