Friday, January 16, 2015

Loving Being Wrong for all the Right Reasons

I am rather "persistent" some would call it stubborn?  They are wrong-right?

Regardless of all the word play, there is a good reason for this Cyrsti's post.  Catching you all up on the latest news on my Veteran's Administration front-the last time I left you, I was discussing fighting with them again about not providing me outside endocrinologist care.  By VA doctrine they are supposed to. Knowing the system, I knew I should be able to win again by pounding on the system.  Pay for my outside care bill or provide me in house care.  Earlier this week, after only two months and two zillion calls, I was surprised with the news that not only were they paying for my Sept. outside Doc visit-they were making me an in house appointment next week.  Not bad, it only took me three years.

Now, on to the wrong/right subject.  Today, I had a second monthly appointment with a VA therapist to make sure my inner clock wasn't getting wound too tight.  I went to the first appointment as what is left of my boy self. For some unknown reason, I was going off the deep end agonizing about doing it again. (I am very good at making problems for myself where there aren't any.) Finally, I sat down with Liz and talked it out.  She told me beyond any shadow of a doubt to hitch up my big girl panties and don't go in male drag.  So I didn't and had a great session.  The therapist quite simply said if she never had a chance to meet the true me, how could she do her job.

By the time I was done with my session, I called Liz up and asked if she and the therapist had compared notes?  Plus maybe I may have told Liz she was right-kind of!

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