Thursday, January 1, 2015

Girl Things

Over the holidays, I inadvertently ran into a couple examples of feminine privilege. Before you set out to rock me, I'm not defining true gender privilege-just stereotypes which caught up with me.

1.- Liz's family Christmas dinner.  The men around the dinner table began to talk about which automatic weapons they had ever fired. (Remember, Liz's Dad is a lifetime NRA member.) I am careful not to discuss politics!  At any rate, I just assumed somewhere along the line I would be asked also. My only experience of course came in the US Army.  Liz and I were the only two women at the table and never asked and of course I never volunteered. Liz would fire, hopefully with me not in range at the wrong time! (I'm always charming!)

Ironically, her Dad (89) "counsel's" Liz on her choice to be with a woman not a man.  Can't win them all?

2.- One of the most irritating actions to me-almost up there with being called "Sir" is when another woman passes along something for me to open.  Really?  First of all, they don't realize how HRT does sap traditional "male strength" and do they pass something to open to another of their girlfriends? But-  During the holidays, I'm learned to pass whatever I need opened over to Liz's 17 year old son and he loved it.

It's about time, since I lost a ton of intelligence when I MtF transitioned, I may as well regain whatever I can in my new world.

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