Cyrsti's Condo "Star Grazing"

Here we go kids, a look at our astrological signs, as always beginning with my home sign "Libra"

 (September 23-October 22): You’ll be hearing every excuse in the book, as the flakes will be out in full force this week. Forget trying to set your schedule to any timeline, because there won’t be one that will work out. Avoid the disappointments and be ready to see there are a lot of choices in how you can spend your time, as last minute changes will be your life for the next few weeks — and happily so, if you let it.

My "scope" certainly does reflect how my schedule looks for the next week or so-or how it doesn't look. I'm just rolling with the punches! Also "rolling" in a different way will be all you Pisces: 

(February 20-March 20): Just as your lusts were bordering on irrelevancy, you’ll connect to a new part of yourself that will want to jump into the thick of things, causing you to feel sensations in a more profound way than you have had in ages. Call it a spontaneous rejuvenation and thank those lucky stars for this miracle.

Well, that's it for our look at the stars for this weeks "Star Grazing". If we didn't get to your sign-go here to theFrisky.