Friday, December 26, 2014

Two 13 Year Old Girls?

My grand daughter is 13 and was at the family Christmas gathering yesterday.  She was doing her full time job being bored and detached about the surroundings.  My daughter says her daughter is taking the job very seriously.

The "other" girl in the room going through puberty managed to run the full gamut of joy to tears during a 15 minute drive to my brothers.  Of course my transition is different from my grand daughter's - but is it?  Both of us are struggling to find our place in the world propelled by the powerful hormone called estrogen.  My grand daughter is fortunate to have a strong mentor in her mother and I have similar person in my partner Liz.

I know my grand daughter has a tougher road to hoe with her hormone trip.  Her body and brain is predisposed to make the trip at a young age.  My old body on the other hand has to stop and reverse a process which has taken over 60 years to live with.  She has a whole life to transition into womanhood...I have a much shorter time.

As I have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo, I started HRT three years ago on New Year's Eve-but- I spent the first year essentially on the minimum dosage.  The dosage was set up to show me what the MTF transition would be like. It did and I loved it!  So, when I read later from more than a couple sources the hormonal process would take around three years to settle in-more than likely I'm still six months away from the anniversary.

I can only say, in the past month, my hormones have made their presence known.  Physically, mood swings-sore breasts, the whole deal.  When I looked at the other 13 year old girl in the room-I understood! 


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