Monday, November 17, 2014

Trans Feminist?

Tonight as I wrote in a previous "Cyrsti's Condo" post today, I'm going with Liz to a "Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus" meeting.

Right now, I'm interested in exactly what it will mean to me as a transgender woman?

Number one, I know damn well, some of the attendees will question my right to be there at all?

Just between you and I, I know I do have a right to be there because like it or not for some of the more radical feminist generics, I bring a whole different view to the proceedings.

What's in it for me?  My future as a participant in a feminine world!  If generics are being increasingly violently abused, my chances of the same are even more so.  If generics go increasing underemployed and underpaid, then my trans sisters will be even more so.

What's in it for them? Just an ally who may have more insight than they want to believe?

I will let you know.

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