Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Painted my Nails for This?

Cincinnati, Ohio is an old Ohio River town built on hill after hill.  Much of it is scenic in good weather and hell in snow.
So, last night, Liz and I braved the snowy cold elements to go to the Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus meeting.  When we drove a half hour and were within sight of the church where the meeting was to be held-you guessed it- it was cancelled.
I'm disappointed I have no news to pass along from a trip into what I think could have been similar to walking into the "Lioness' Den." Sorry.
Pam commented:

Good luck Cyrsti!!! My experience with rad feminists was they could not hear what I had to say!! They were too busy condemning me!!

:-) Pamela

Thanks Pam and you too Mandy!  The height of hypocrisy would have been if I had been approached by a rad feminist-it would have been in a church.  SUPPOSEDLY a place of worship and acceptance.  On the other hand, live and in person, I'm a slice of fresh meat for someone who has built up a huge amount of unreasonable dislike from afar.

After all, who am I to disrespect the sanctity of being born with a vagina?

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