Friday, November 14, 2014

The Beauty of Chaos?

Continuing on our brief discussion into Gender Flux and the science of "Chaos" Pat commented:

It was the chaos that resulted from mutating genes that propelled evolution through the ages. The theory is valid. Chaos will keep people engaged and will allow what may not be considered status quo today to become acceptable and become status quo in the future.
You and the others you mentions on the edge of the knife cutting a path forward.
Good observation and keep up the good work.

Thanks Pat, as I said, somehow I was "born to chaos" and gender just has always seemed to be a huge part-because of the basic insecurity it causes in human nature.

Changing the discussion further are the believers that the inherent weakening of the male "Y" chromosome will happen over the evolution of the human race (no time soon) leading to a genderless race.  Or those who believe in all the genetically or chemically altered food is altering the genders too.
I fairly sure at my age, I won't see much of all of that happen if it does, but I do know the younger generation approaches the aspect of gender differently than mine does.  To the point of being brain washed by narrow minded- scared parents.

The problem I have is stereotyping who will accept my transgender status.  For example, I was caught by surprise by "gender slur bitch" when I would expect it from a group of rednecks.

Such is the beauty of chaos as a science?  It's the inner beauty that counts.

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