Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Open Mouth- Speak Diversity

A quick post, here in Cyrsti's Condo (for once) about last night. Perhaps you remember me writing about the "2 dolla" pint night I have frequented for years in a big mainstream sports bar I go to.

I guarantee over the years, I have made so many fashion mistakes (in there), I wondered if I was ever going to get this cross dressing thing right and even come close to living my feminine dream. In fact,  I've experienced so many of "walk of shames" in the place (even to the point of falling down in my boots) I can't start to remember them all. .

The place has 36 draft beers and approx 30 seats along a straight long bar - no pun intended.  Last night, I had to walk all the way to the other end to find an open spot which happened to be next to a couple I have seen several times, but never met.  I asked if they could pass me the beer list which was setting in front of them which actually started us down a road of interesting conversations about the local and regional beers that are becoming so popular.

Not long after that, they introduced themselves and asked if I lived close by.  I said actually I'm sort of between two cities right now (Springfield and Cincinnati). It turns out they have two grown kids which live in Cincy and asked where I was moving to there.  Without giving any consideration to what gender tag they were attaching to me, I said, "I'm moving in with a friend on the East side and yes she is a she and she is my partner."

The whole thing came and went so quick and I said it so matter of factually, I thought damn and waited for any reaction.  There wasn't much of one.  The other woman just paused so briefly and said that's great. They were good people and I didn't have to get into an in depth conversation on the dynamics of being transgender, or worse yet my sexuality.

I guess it is just another sign of how my life is moving full circle and I am wondering if I should ask the bar management if I can get a kick back when another patron orders more beer to talk?  Probably not!

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