Monday, November 17, 2014

Day to Day

I just read a post from Janie Black 's blog called  "Just Living Life." Essentially, what I got from her post was, just because she isn't writing-that doesn't mean something is wrong. Plus, (regardless of what some want to think) life goes on, for the most part unremarkable.

Good for Janie, a great thoughtful idea to pass along to the blogosphere. I totally agree, then again I don't. 

Like her, my day is very mundane, even though in a very different sense from my past.  I put on a pot o joe and am munching a piece of toast in my sweats, bundled in a soft blanket. It's 4 am in Cincinnati, Ohio and it's snowing heavily.  Tuesday and Wednesday our wind chills are expected down around zero degrees. My life is not so mundane though because, I'm freezing and it's not even really cold yet.  Mundane for me is knowing and expecting my reaction to the cold-primarily because of my HRT changes. (SO different.)

Then, however I don't want to sugar coat it, looking ahead at today, presenting my girl self to the world is a much bigger deal than my guy self ever was.  Years ago, my partner Liz asked me what kind of a girl did I think I would end up as?  Would I be a full makeup, perfect hair woman or a light foundation, lip gloss and eye make up woman? Or more or less? I did find out, and I am very mundane low maintenance girl.

Janie is right in this sense, my life is more mundane. I know what I will wear today and approximately how I will make myself up to do it.  I heard a generic say once, "It's just how she lives her life." My mundane now just takes a little more time, expense and planning. 

Being retired (kind of) also puts a different "spin" on my mundane.  If you read Femulate, Stana recently wrote about a new boss and a transgender coming out session with her. (Successful!) I'm guessing when she does it, Stana's "mundane" will be work/professional while mine today is running errands mundane.  I will do my writing, work on my on-line shops, head to the post office and grocery.  The only "excitement" will be tonight, when we are going to a woman's political "rally" of sorts tonight

So, my mundane today is boots, jeans, jacket scarf etc. 

Finally, I totally agree Janie's idea that if you all don't hear from us, the quick and easy assumption is something is wrong.  Ironically, I feel the same about many of you.  Through out the years, I have literally seen thousands "burst" upon the scene as cross dressers, transgender women or whatever and just as quickly disappear. (My Facebook account has to be the best example of this.)

Even more so, I love Janie when she comes up with a great idea I can write about, so I don't have to figure one out myself!

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