Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Festival Time

Years ago, I used to view fall as the bittersweet season of the year which symbolized the possible end of my male existence and the beginning of a feminine one in the spring. I used used to sit for hours and watch strong winds strip the trees of their leaves and imagine what my future could be.

These days as I continue to transition, I can actually enjoy the fall season for what it is. Today especially, (Saturday) as Liz, Missy and I head out to set up at a near by fall festival to sell her handmade items and a few of my vintage ones.

Interestingly, I will be more than a "pretty face" in that we have set up my Android phone to accept debit or credit card payments at our booth. It will be interesting how much the process will be used and how my " up close and personal time" with potential buyers will work.

I'm not real worried since the festival we are going to is in a close proximity to several upscale suburbs of Columbus.  Quite the change from when I spent a day this week at a Cincinnati hospital with Liz (for tests) then a couple hours in her Dad's doctor's office that afternoon.

I have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo that Cincinnati is quite the different animal than Columbus here in Ohio.  "The Nati" has come a long way with the TGLBQ community but the potential is still there to run into those who worship snakes or speak in tongues. After all, It's not so far away from a Southern Ohio "holler" or  the hills of Kentucky.

Fortunately, we are in for a fine cool, Ohio fall day and I will let you all know how it goes! My plans are to post Sunday a more in depth look at the week and even the rare picture-if I can remember!

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