Cyrsti's Condo "Halloween Ideas"

Seriously (as you will tell kids) I'm not real good at finding or suggesting Halloween costume ideas. But I do have a couple possibilities to pass along which could be inexpensive, fun and even keep the "hey are you a cross dresser?" naysayers off your back if desired.

The first is a "Zombie Prom Queen"
Drop Dead Gorgeous Zombie
 Just "haunt" your local thrift stores for an old inexpensive formal dress-check out all the other closeted CD ers looking for a costume and add the cheap accessories.

It's a "killer costume!"

Just as scary is this idea:

Come as a version of "Flo", the Progressive Insurance spokes person.  Start with a cheap dark wig, old tennis shoes and "fill in with white. Just be abrasive the rest of the night and asks if anyone wants an insurance quote - and you got it!