Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who Is "Cassandra Cass?"

After posting a picture of Cassandra Cass as "Jessica Rabbit" I decided to to a little research here for us in Cyrsti's Condo and find out who she is:
From Wikipedia:

As an actress, Cass is known for Trantasia (2006), Wild Things (2010), and What's the T? (2012). Trantasia is a documentary that chronicles contestants as they take part in the first ever "World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant."The documentary was featured on Tyra Banks's show, dedicating a whole show to talking about it. Wild Things was an eight-episode reality television series which featured three transgender women on a road-trip to earn money for a relative of one of the three women who was seriously ill.[The reality show starred Cassandra Cass, Maria Roman, and Tiara Russell, three original characters from Trantasia.[ The documentary What's the T? followed the lives of five trans women. Cass has also been on television shows and in other movies. 
She is also an established performer in San Francisco who does drag and lip-sync shows. And she has had a calendar put out over the last several years.


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