Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Trippin" at the Doctor

Yesterday was my semi annual visit to my endocrinologist to have my hormone levels checked as well as other "fluids."

My Doctor works in conjunction with a nearby state university and always has a couple of "resident's" in tow, dutifully taking notes and acting like they know what they are doing. In reality, they are students, but that is cool by me.

This time though, I had one of the residents who wasn't "cool" at all with my transgender status.  First of all, he kept mis-gendering me.  After the second or third time he called me "he" I simply said I didn't appreciate him calling me that and while I am less sensitive than others-he still needed to stop it.  Especially before he went into practice somewhere.  He did say he was sorry and proceeded to do it another three or four more times during the visit. I told him every time not to do it.

The worst thing he did was out of the clear blue sky, was ask if I was sexually attracted to men or women?  Really?  That did it.  I lodged an official complaint against him today. I don't know if he had a real problem with me, or if he was simply treating me like he would treat transgender women in his native country. But of course that is even less of an excuse.

I just hope before the next time he encounters a transgender patient someone gives the jerk a little "sensitivity" training.

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