Saturday, August 16, 2014

Domestic Violence

I live in a violent country and it's getting more and more violent all the time.  In fact, I got to see it up close and personal this week as I viewed from my second floor window, my neighbor across the street get drunk, push and then hit in the face the woman who lives there.  There were other women involved who I assume were related and called the police before I did.

Often I wonder where does all of this leave me out here in the middle as a transgender woman.  Not so good I'm afraid.  First of all, we trans woman are targets of random violence of the worst kind as are genetic women.  I know all of that though and try my best to take the safeguards any woman would take - and then add some more.

My real worry is though is the mental gender transition I'm making.  I am not all the way to the point where my mind is saying "wait a minute dummy-you aren't a 275 man anymore who can 'bluff' down the other guy."  Plus, I'm very sarcastic, which doesn't help either. But, I come by it naturally.  My 5'2" Mom was not at all shy about saying what she felt and neither is my daughter.

As far as the guy across the street goes, the cops took him away and I haven't seen him since. If I was a betting woman, I figure he is "drying out" in jail for a week and I will see him back next week. Sometimes he is great free entertainment when he gets drunk and throws all his furniture in the street.  But I'm afraid hitting a woman won't be enough to keep this guy down and out.

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