Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Price of Trans Jade

I received this comment back from Grant, an  Equality Ohio organizer:

(Cyrsti) My first visit here to your condo, and all I've got to say is: yes yes yes. It's easy to get jaded since we've been working for YEARS on a nondiscrimination bill. Marriage isn't the end-all-be-all, especially for trans rights. I like the letter you sent Boehner.

I feel like we have the strongest shot our community has ever had this year. We're organized - and organizing - so smartly lately.

Thanks for linking to EO too :)

Thanks to you Grant and EO!

AND! Thanks for mentioning Trans Rights!

I think we transgender women and men face several obstacles when we summon up the courage to face the light of day in society at all and then attempt to have our voices heard against injustice.  At meetings such as the Equality Ohio affair, at the least I feel the need to offer some explanation of how I live.  It's become a good life for me but I don't labor under any ridiculous idea it's good for all the world.  It never fails though at least one or two peeps at these meetings linger to talk to me, which is cool because education is never bad.  I was flattered the one person who talked to me the longest was the pastor of the church whose congregation was struggling with it's views of same sex marriage laws here in Ohio. My goal was to fill the pastor in on the tremendous percentage of transgender women and men who try to take their own lives and yes-I was one of them.  To me, the process is the one biggest litmus test  which determines if a person should be a spiritual leader at all.  This pastor was truly struck by my story and it essentially was the thought I sent on to Boehner (mentioned by Grant) - a simple "what if" your son or daughter was TGLBQ.

The whole idea is so complex though, even it has it's own moral and political bases.  Morally, would the politician support his or hers offspring. Politically, would they continue to deny basic freedoms to the child, mandated by their electorate and finally what level of hypocrisy would they attach to it?

Can't of course speak to any of that, it's just an observation I have but together from my humble place in the world.  I do agree with Grant though, "our community" is organizing better than ever and I do hope our time is now on several platforms including weeding out several long term ineffective career politicians in Ohio.  Their records of lack of response, go way further back than TGBLQ reform. Including current huge social problems such the heroine epidemic, violence against ALL women and more. Old ideas and praying simply are NOT solving the problem.

On the other hand, I see the reaction on several fronts from young fresh minds and I get excited! What isn't lacking for me is a sense of excitement of how the world could become!

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