Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seeing In Color

I'm sure many of you regulars here in Cyrsti's Condo don't remember your first look at color television back in the day.  If you do, perhaps you recall the NBC Peacock spreading it's color wings before an episode of Bonanza.  For me at least, it was my first color television show.

The reason I bring it up is, all of the sudden I'm seeing much of the world in color- as my HRT- MtF transition continues to subtly and not so subtly change me.  It's no secret, men see emotions and relationships more or less in black and white and women in color.

It's been interesting to me, it's another of the facets of my transition I can't really talk to a genetic woman about. Why? Because they have lived with the colors their whole life and just don't understand being emotionally color blind.  Increasingly, it's easier to not bring it up at all, than to hear the worn out "welcome to our world."

They need to adjust the colors on their sets! (Yes, you used to had to.)  In the meantime, it's a new and interesting world to me in color!

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