Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sticky Labels

Hollybnh pretty much head the nail on the head with this comment on the Cyrsti's Condo- Vicky York post:

Why is it always necessary to classify a person? 

She's presenting herself as a very attractive women. I'll respect her desire to be herself in that light. And if I ever had the chance, and she were in her male guise, if she still does that, I'll understand that she probably has many responsibilities in her life. She will still be a person to me, and not a classification or label. 

In my 50 or so years being cross gender expressive. (Wanting to express a gender not socially common to my birth sex) I've seen a leaderboard of labels appear and each one of them does little to define an individual and strongly places them in some factious pecking order. That fact that a person expresses a gender to a degree. Should not need a label and only does so because society expects some normality in gender expression constructs. These constructs are unfair to an individuals self awareness and self expression.

Holly, I find it extremely difficult to be politically correct as I write this blog and maybe I shouldn't worry at all.  For the record, I find your "cross gender expressive" to be a wonderful term which I relate to a lot but I have always suspected others can't.

How ironic is it I would have to use three to five words to identify who I am-or how I describe everyone else to try to not get hammered.  Heck, I have even been trashed for calling us a transgender "culture".

The nice part is it all comes from those who are content to hide behind their computers and fire away. Face to face, peeps are way too timid to discuss me with me, even though I wish more would.

Finally Holly, I think to a large degree the younger generation is erasing the need for gender labels.

Loved your comment!!!

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