Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Own it Girl!

Mandy recently sent it this comment which triggered quite a bit of thoughts from you know who:

I hope to be in LA early next year (date still uncertain), and plan to rent a car to do some local sightseeing as Mandy. My ability to pass is far from perfection...but I think I'll give it a try, rather than duplicating the guy Jen saw. If folks are that tolerant, Jen's comment makes me hopeful that it will work out OK for me!  (Jen's comment):

I recently saw a guy waiting to cross a street in LA that was wearing a blue knee length dress. He had feminine cut brown medium length curly hair, and wasn't making any attempt to pass his face off as feminine.

I was really impressed!

I've many times thought that if I can't get to the point of passing well enough, that maybe I should just go with dressing feminine and accept what mother nature gave me as far as my facial features.

Of course we all know "passing" involves a percentage of "location-location-location" but is changing  thanks in a large part to the "younger" peeps, just presenting as the gender you want to be is becoming increasingly less taboo.  

Mandy, we all are chasing perfection in our appearances. It's fleeting though (as I'm sure any genetic woman can attest to.) Once your perfect hair is ready, the wind blows it all around.  Once your makeup is perfect-the hot weather melts it off but - as the great philosopher Gary Gilmore  said before he was executed by firing squad in Utah (and I say to the mirror) "Let's do It!"  Bottom line is,  you will never find out how much you can accomplish in the the world as a woman till you do it.

Actually, the perfect foundation to wear as you begin to meet the public is about six inches thick. When we begin to take on the world our insecurities are at an all time high.  Even one mean comment can send you scurrying back to the closet for cover. Plus, playing on line can give you a double dose of idiots. One of my favorite examples comes from Stana of Femulate.  She once answered an on line troll who slammed her for not "passing." She replied (paraphrasing)  "I pass quite well.  I make sure nothing is coming and use my turn signals."  My own personal on line favorite was when I was called "just another old guy on hormones."  

You've all seen a couple of my (non photo shopped) in the real world pictures. They are the proof of the fact on my best days, I am a gender "tweener".  Now though, the only person I try to pass as is me. One of our readers Pat, has written to that idea too. Certainly we aren't alone and I'm sure there are many of you Cyrsti's Condo readers who subscribe to the simple fact of when you own who you are, the rest of the world may own you too.  

Good luck Mandy!

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