Nothing to Wear

Seems to be the story of my life these days.  Actually though, my summer wardrobe is nicely put together- except when I get summoned back to the hospital for another mammogram and an ultrasound this Thursday. Which begs the question-what does one wear to an ultra sound? Is clothing optional?  Never been invited to one before.

Before anyone starts to take the OMG route with me, I was told by the powers to be at the hospital, a second mammogram for a virgin wasn't all that unusual.  So, before I hitchhike to the tallest bridge around here and jump-I'm going to assume they know what they are talking about.  Plus, at this point in time, what can I do about it anyway?

At least the nurse today didn't laugh on the phone when I asked if the event was formal, casual  or semi formal.

I have waited for a long time to be called "mam" but this is a bit much!