Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Night with Pat's Wife

Now that I got your attention, I have never met Pat's wife.  In fact, I have never met Pat in person either. What I do know is Pat and I share a similar age and path to where we have arrived today. I just made a turn a couple years ago and started a pesky bunch of meds called hormone replacement therapy.

I do hope neither of them dislike the fact I'm speculating what I would learn if I did have a chance to sit down for a one on one with Pat's wife. For simplicity, I'm going to call her Ms. P and I have never attempted a post like this before-so bear with me.  For all I know she has never read Cyrsti's Condo for any number of reasons.  I know my wife considered I never had any bad influences-I was the bad influence.

First and foremost,  Pat's words bring back strong memories of my deceased wife.  If she was still alive and got together with Ms.P,  I can only wonder what they would say about both of us.  I can never be certain, but I think my wife never told any of her friends about my gender struggles.  She never knew any other spouses of cross dressers she could talk to.  I can blame some of that on the age we lived in- with the lack of knowledge and social media.  But I do know my wife thought our problems were our business-only.  I wonder if Ms P was/is like that too?

How would Ms P approach my wife about the obvious with me.  I was on a path which would take me to a closer threshold of femininity than she was comfortable with and the end result was a self destructive behavior which would lead to the end anyhow. (Coming up in a future "Comet" post.)

Would Ms P and my wife discuss how our gender dysphoria was not what they signed up for?  Certainly genetic women are the stronger family types of the binary genders but when is enough enough?  Sure they love us -but...

Or maybe the two would look back and share crazy stories of Pat and I trying to grow as cross dressers and in my case failing miserably.  Is it easy for us to think of them going through all of this with some sort of knowing humor?

Here's what I think my night with Ms. P would be like.  She would want to know about my wife and our relationship and what would have happened if she had lived on and I continued down the path to HRT and a transgender life.  She would also want to know now what my life has become and how I react to it.  Even perhaps, she would ask how Pat and I differ.

All I know is, over my 30 or so years in the cross dressing and transgender worlds, there is precious little feedback from the genetic women who from through no fault of their own, find themselves smack dab in the middle of it.  Ms. P and all you other genetic spouses-I certainly sympathize and would love to totally understand why we are here.  I don't understand it myself.

Finally, the easy stuff-Ms. P I know my hair is way too long for a 65 year old woman but I have waited a half century to grow it and I know- I wear too much eye makeup.  So once we get all that girl talk out of the way, I love your earrings and the night was fun!

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