Leather Bikini's and Christmas Heels

Be warned kids, this Cyrsti's Condo post is coming from several different directions in my noggin.

First of all, most of you know I'm a regular visitor to Stana's Femulate blog. Thanks to January for sending in this comment:

Stana of "Femulate" fame reports that her desk has a photo of herself en femme. If anybody asked, it is simply a photo from a past Halloween, in the office. Very clever, that Stana.  I agree January, I think Stana is using the picture to get others at work around her "used" to the new person who could be there every day!

Most recently Stana asked the question :

When you’re out en femme, has another woman reacted negatively (or positively) because you looked better than her.  
The question didn't resonate much with me for several different reasons except to make me consider why. (Primarily because it hasn't happened to me much or at all for years.) Plus, at this stage of my tranisition, I don't consider myself out en femme but bless all that do!

But, at the very same time I was thinking about all of this, I happened to see a show on outlaw biker gangs. The show interviewed one woman who said she was attracted (like so many others) to power and danger and there was no better place to experience it than on the back of a Harley motorcycle.(Not to mention the sexual charge my genetic women friends say they experience on a bike.) By then,  I'm thinking why is this intriguing me so? Finally, I connected the dots to long ago Tri-Ess cross dresser Christmas parties, which I had no desire to go to. Instead, I was admiring the long haired boots and bikini women riding on the back of bikes heading into the giant party at Sturgis. To hell with a party dress! I needed a new wig.

Here's the kick. As a guy, I owned  muscle cars and sports cars but never a motorcycle of any kind. Plus, personality wise, I was pretty much too nice to attract any of the bad girls. I always resented the women who felt that way- so where the hell did all this come from? Who knows?

To be sure, the chances are very dim I will be riding into Sturgis with my D breasts (Beginning with acquiring them!) in a leather bikini top any time soon on the back of a Harley. But that's OK, I will live. In the meantime, embracing and exploring all my contradictions can be fun because fighting them can be hell.


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