Two Female Impersonation Classics

Laverne Cummings - One of the first real boys. A gorgeous boy who easily passed as a gorgeous girl and with a beautiful female sounding singing voice. In this early period of his career he used his on hair as he could not afford a wig. Being a man with long feminine styled hair was very controversial and brave in the early 1960s. If Laverne could do it 50 years ago, you can do it today. Love  her hair, love your hair.

Any more, you have to be a "little more mature" to even remember the use of the "female impersonation" term.

William Reynolds - No Questions Asked - film UK - 1951 by stana-stana, via FlickrMuch of the time, it was even considered to be an art form.

This first picture is of William Reynolds (left) who is up to no good robbing a group of women in a theater powder room of their jewelry. William along with another impersonator got off of work in a club they worked in to do the heist in the 1951 movie "No Questions Asked".

Before you scramble to rent it, the drag scene is actually a small part of the movie.  Also it is shown every now and then on the Turner Classic Movie Channel. As you can see though, Reynolds is good.

The second featured female impersonator is Laverne Cummings (above right)  who as you can see was one of the classic performers of all times!


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