They Said What???

By now you all have noticed how I love to speculate on what womanless pageant participants are really thinking here in Cyrsti's Condo.
is he going to a prom?? ask his girlfriend
Here are a couple more:

Oh Oh! I came out of this looking a little too good.  DON"T SMILE and act lack you enjoy this!!!!


So what if I got him to shave his legs, those heels will have to get to him sooner or later.  Hmmmn, wait a minute, he is a little too comfortable. Has he done this drag stuff before? Dammit! I'm doomed! Look at him! First I have to compete with my girlfriends, now him?

My Boyfried is a Girlfriend Drag by MalibuKenDoll, via Flickr They look sooo cute together!


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