Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Times-They are a 'Changing'

I saw this picture and article from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about yet another young transgender woman running for a high school Homecoming Princess spot.

Two things got my attention, the first of which was, here's another transgender person willing to step out of the shadows and live her life the way she wants to and the look of Dad in the picture.

I could speculate on what he was thinking other than violence but I thought how wonderful it was he was there in a tux supporting his daughter. This actually took place last fall and now the transgender high school student is seeking approval to play on the girl's softball team.

Speaking of wonderful, I did go Facebook this afternoon and proudly changed my gender marker to "Trans Woman!"  I am hoping enough transgender Facebook users do it to the extent the numbers count up and our culture is recognized for it!

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