Friday, February 14, 2014

She's Baaaack!

Sorry I missed a posting day here in Cyrsti's Condo yesterday.  I was actually "in transit" again between my house and my partners house which is a couple hours away.  I have written many times how I go there to seek refuge from the cold (and any other number of reasons I will let you use your imagination for.)

Finally we have climbed from a -20 degree wind chill earlier this week, to a balmy summer like 39 yesterday.  Also, when I leave my circa 1850's house, I essentially shut it down. I'm glad warmer temps are finally on their way, 50's next week, because these shut downs are killing the house- and me.

When I came back yesterday, I even had to put a special heater on my old computer to coax it back to life. Kind of like me in the morning!

The worse part about this is, I'm not particularly happy to be back in the old homestead and I am working hard to get it cleaned out of all my years of memories and on the sales market later this year.  The weather this winter, set my schedule back.

I don't what I did in my previous lives to deserve the transitory tone I have in this one, but it must have been severe. From my 8+ years of bouncing who knows where in my college and Army years, to my transgender spirit, I was certainly destined to be where I am-between houses too!

Well, at the least, I thank Momma Karma for keeping it interesting!

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