Number One Fantasy?

Over the years I have encountered many cross dressers who would have just loved to get all dressed up in a lavish wedding dress for their own big day.  Certainly, it's easy to understand why.  Walking down the aisle as a bride with all eyes on you, on the day you dreamed of since you were a little girl-just has to be one of the pinnacles of femininity.  

Why wouldn't it be?  I would like to take a survey of sorts though to find out which cross dressing fantasy is numero uno?  We could toss in French Maids, Cheerleaders, Sissies and even pregnant women to name a few.

In my not so illustrious past years ago I did get invited by a friend of friend to a bachlorette party, and then univited not so long later.  Sure it would have been fun but with my lack of "experience" back then, I would have been scared to death, plus another problem could have been if one of the other women didn't want me there.  Oh, well, it never happened anyway.
zazzDSC_1169 by mandysmithcd, via Flickr Adrienne Boy just married
Unknown cross dressed bride

I have never done the cheerleader deal but came relatively close with a short white tennis dress I put together which was quite fun.  Of course I had the white panties, tennis shoes and a long white lightweight jacket to wear over my hairy arms. Then, instead of the courts, I hit the mall.  Like I said it was fun and I got away with it.

The pregnant woman thing, never did appeal to me...seems like pain and suffering anyway you look at it and I suppose like most everyone else in the cross dressing community, I did various versions of a French Maid. 

Finally, I found quickly, I was never a good sissy girl.

So there you go.  I'm sure you all have your own special fantasy outfits!  Just save them for Halloween!


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