"Mo Names"

Two outstanding comments on our "What's in a Name" post here in Cyrsti's Condo.

The first from Shelle takes the process a little deeper and is very useful for those of us who still have all the gender marker hurdles ahead of us:

It seems the vast majority choose an adaptation of their first given name,as I was never called by mine (my mother hated it because it was the same as my father and they went through a bitter divorce when I was quite young) I first chose an adaptation of my middle name,but when my transition began in earnest I felt it just didn't suit me,so changed it,this past summer I began the process of changing my name and gender markers as I could it required some expensive court costs but it's done as for my gender marker it went quite smoothly on the federal level but as for my birth records and state ID,not so the state of Indiana requires proof that I have had significant permanent surgery,and another expensive trip through the court system leaving my fate to a judge I recently found out I can receive an orchy through the VA so this is my next step I push on undaunted by the barriers cast in front of me but wishing it wasn't so very difficult and expensive.

Thanks Shelle, if the VA is approving an "orchy" maybe breast augmentations are next!

From Paula:
"Call me anything like except late for lunch" We are privileged to be able to choose our own names, most people have t put up with whatever their parents chose for them. I decided to stick with what I had, just taking the feminine version. On the other hand, daughter was not too impressed with our choice for her, so she has hyphenated her two forenames together and rather likes that.

Don't beat me to that lunch line Paula!  I had an easy choice not to use a feminized version of my male name, because there really isn't one! Indeed it is a privilege to choose a new name as it is to have the opportunity to live in our chosen gender!


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