Finally! A Night Out!

Seems like it's been years since we have been awarded a day or two break from our much worse than normal winter.

Last night in a rare moment of having a little extra cash and a little better weather, my partner Liz and I headed to one of our fave "watering holes" called the "Swampwater Grille" in Cincinnati.  I've written about the "Swamp" before-the home of a misplaced Western Louisiana chef and a great selection of brews far removed from the big beer company watered down near beer sold everywhere.  You know you are in a good beer bar when no Coors, Millers or Bud products are on tap.

Of course the company was as good as the food and drink and the evening went all too quick.  As far as what I wore, the usual, denim leggings, gray slouch boots and my long black sweater with a very low cut "v" neck. Unfortunately I have to say this, but an evening's success hinges on the restroom access. Plus, (if you didn't know) when you drink beer, you need to potty-frequently.  No problems last night, even going to the "room" without my partner.  She knows my paranoia and is kind enough to "run cover" for me if needed.  I don't like doing that however because, if I have a problem with someone, it is my problem, not hers.  Knock on wood, I haven't had so many problems recently.

As always, I'm careful to point out I'm not out in the world presenting as a 100% genetic woman.  Some don't read me, some don't notice me, some don't care and just as many who do read me are just fascinated.  I'm a visible, in person, poor man's Carmen Carerra or Laverne Cox. The new positive trans role models such as the women I mentioned really help me and I owe them a lot! Plus,  it helps I've learned to come out of my transgender shell.  Attitude trumps appearance all the time!

The most wonderful part of this "morning after" however, it's not like "back in the day" when I had to obsess when my "next night out would be."

Now I get many questions about when I knew the HRT transition was right for me?  The moment was a morning not unlike today.   I felt warm and at home with myself and would go back to any bit of male life only on my terms.

Now, it remains to be seen if I ever can shake the potty paranoia.


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