Drying Up and Blowing Away

You regulars here in Cyrsti's Condo, have read me whine about this winter's weather. Well, here's more:

It seems now with the effects of HRT, I'm in even a bigger battle with my skin. My standing joke is I need to take a bath in 10w-40 motor oil.  That would be the easy part.  It turns out my very short stints in the sub zero temps were a very good way to defoliate my facial skin, if I wanted it or not.  Of course I didn't and for a couple days (until the peeling stops) make up is no fun and certainly doesn't look it's best on my "transitioning" facial skin. FYI not my first rodeo with the effects of cold weather...but my first rodeo with this much damage.

Also lip balms are my "bestest" friends too.

Some how, I don't think I will dry up and blow away any time soon and brushing my hair out around my face covers my zombie skin!


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