Cyrsti's Condo "Powerscope"

It's power scope time for those of us born under the sign of the Libra.  You regulars may have noticed I changed the regular name of this Condo weekly feature. Same scopes coming from theFrisky and here is this weeks:

(September 23-October 22): Your spastic side will be in control, so beware of slippery floors and slick roads. There are accidents waiting to happen, but they can be avoided if you stay in firm control of your time and focus. Make lists, set goals and stick to timetables. It’s a bit of a robotic way of life, but this week, putting on those blinders is your safest bet.

Best Day To Get Lucky: Friday, February 14

This is a tough scope for me because some would argue my "spastic side" is always in control. Plus, living a robotic way of life has never been easy for me!  Oh well, I will do my best to get by until next week and I should get lucky on Valentine's Day!  For your scope, go here.


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