A Beer and a Yuppie Walked Into a Bar

On occasion I feel like you all must feel I must spend half my life in alcohol dispensing establishments...and here is another because this week is "Beer Week" in Cincinnati.  I have mentioned numerous times here in Cyrsti's Condo Cincinnati has a rich brewing history from it's German heritage.

One of the newer craft breweries is actually not far from my partner's house and we chose it last night to "sample" their brews.  The brewery is actually in Mt.Carmel and I was surprised how small it was. Actually it's in an old house with a small addition on the back and it was packed.  These days I'm very comfortable about navigating the world as a woman, so the "closeness" of the space was my biggest worry as I am rather claustrophobic in a room full of people.  The crowd was 30 to 50 somethings and very yuppified.  I was right, I had no problems and enjoyed myself immensely. I guess gender liberated would be an appropriate term.

As luck would have it today (or not), the Logo network was showing a Rude Paul Drag Race Marathon.  (I still think Rude just oozes evil).  I did watch two episodes and admired the terrific drag queens on the show.  I'm glad I did because the experience proved to me once again how little I have in common with them.

The good news is Beer Week goes on until next week end and the "Drag Race" marathon is over.  Hopefully I won't have Rude Paul intruding into my dreams tonight calling me some sort of gender slur!