Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition

Greetings "Condo-ites" and welcome to another Sunday Edition.

The Week in Review.  Fairly quiet around here as once again we absorbed polar vortex snow and winter only to be greeted with the coldest weather yet of the winter due next week.  The only positive I can see as of now is I have a difficult time judging my HRT progress under three layers of clothes.  On a serious note, Duck Dynasty's return was greeted with an astounding cold shoulder and a 28% drop in viewers. Plus the family was exposed as yuppies in beards...with an homophobic bigot patriarch .  I wonder if Phil thinks his grand daughters should be married off at 14 so a man can train her right.

Finally, let's not forget the landmark Swedish operations which implanted uterus's into women born without them which of course means transgender women could be in line sooner more than later for the procedure. Which will set a whole bunch of trans haters on their rears.

Indy Film Review.  Late in the week I was contacted by Daniela Sierra, concerning her film project Pupa. Check out the review here. Also this week, for some reason I finally caught up with the Canadian independent film Better than Chocolate.  The 1999 film is billed primarily around a young lesbian romance but also is intertwined with the life of a transgender woman character.  In a classic scene the mother of one of the young lesbian lovers, discovers her daughter is gay and her new best friend is transgender in the same day.

Media Section.  Perhaps you remembering me mentioning this radio show in Miami:

The Gender Experience: A New Online Talk Show For the Transgender Niche with host Jasmine Ford.  It turns out I am working with Jasmine on the possibility of being on the show, by phone.  A trip to Miami, Florida would be nice about now!  Seriously, the show is on every Thursday and I will be getting back with you here in Cyrsti's Condo about show topics.  If I'm on it or not.

Also, lets not forget yet another indy transgender film project in the works by Pamela French called Becoming More Visible.  It's fantastic so many of these projects are beginning to appear. We need all of them we can get!

We Got Mail!:  In our email box, I received a wonderful email from Jae, over in the UK. At the age of 70 she is starting hormones, not to transition because of her wife, but to help her personally in other ways.  Jae proves once again the possibilities of positively influencing our transgender lives are endless-at any age. Thanks Jae.

And thanks to all of you!

Cyrsti Hart