Better Than Chocolate?

Have you seen the Better Than Chocolate movie?

I really never had, until last night, since it was billed as a lesbian love affair film. But, early in the movie I spotted a character with my "trans dar" and decided to follow along for a few minutes.  "A few minutes" turned into a half hour and I heard a song which really caught my attention, which is featured on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen. (Cover the kids ears! The lyrics contain the "F" bomb.)

This 1999 Canadian movie covers a lot of ground with it's main lesbian love plot but also includes a superb transgender sub plot. Amazingly, way back then the transgender character was a very positive one and not played by a cis woman   In fact, Peter Outerbridge's performance as transgender character Judy Squires was incredible.

As the film rolled on, I could see even more and more of Judy's everyday life scenes reflected in my life...good and bad. The worst was a very negative scene in a woman's restroom rest room and was similar to one that happened to me.  Very simply, a lesbian from the club refused to acknowledge "Judy's" right to use the room as a woman and started to physically abuse her.  In my case, I didn't have to go through the physical abuse but took intense verbal abuse and I wasn't in a lesbian bar. But "back in the day" when I did frequent lesbian venues, I did think they had the lowest "tolerance" of any venue for allowing trans women access to the women's rest room.

If you have a chance, this is a film worth watching! In the meantime, on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, Judy Squires: