Would You Bring You Home for Christmas?

Over the years here in Cyrsti's Condo, we have discussed the role of admirers (men who are attracted to transgender women for whatever reason) and even why more men aren't. When and if you can toss out the sexual aspect of a man with a transgender woman, the possibilities are endless.  Without going into a whole lot of detail, at the least we bring a totally different perspective into a man's life.  I have known many men over the span of my life who never totally got along with women.  Didn't trust them, couldn't communicate with them, their life was a gender stand off until many just said "to hell with it" and split up later in life.

Many of you have read me refer to an old cross dressing friend from the 1980's I'm still in touch with. We have debated this topic in depth on several occasions, especially around the holidays. We follow the exploits of several transgender or cross dresser women out on dates with their boyfriends and comment.  He is more conservative than I and thinks the video's are nothing more than a validation ploy to make the less than attractive woman seem more successful in the world.  On the other hand, I told him I don't see why more men don't date transgender women.  We offer much more than looks and many of us believe in the fading traditional feminine roles men covet,  but we are extremely difficult to find.

His final word always is "would you as a guy bring  you as a woman home to your family over the years." Good point!  I always hate it when someone puts me into a discussion corner but he is right. Every fiber of my being wants to stand up and say sure when truthfully I know I wouldn't.  But that's OK.  If I was dating a guy, I would understand. When and if he ever thought meeting the family was important to him, I would go as I went to my girlfriends holidays.

Being the woman I am though, I did have to have the last word.  I told him, with my male background I would understand why a guy would feel that way.  That alone, gives me more than a slight edge on most genetic women.


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