We Got Mail!

Mandy commented on my "not so pleasant" recent experience with three guys who called me a she male as well as making general obscene fools of themselves:

Sorry to hear of the issue you experienced... Yes, there are a bunch of nasty folks out there...and we all hope that their paths never cross ours. But the more we live our lives the way we want to, the greater that chance... I know my best efforts at presenting as a woman are still way "short of the mark" and anyhoo, I spend most of my time in androgynous mode. So I make an effort to steer clear of any venues where idle groups of inebriated males could exhibit "juvenile behavior" because of group courage. (Translation - bars and taverns.) Yes, I know - I miss a lot of fun times that way. But the benefit is, it sort of shields me from the less pleasant aspect of being transgender, which unfortunately is harassment. You absolutely did the right thing by leaving. I'd have done the same... But now, as you said, move on. Better days will come. Mandy

Thanks Mandy!  You are absolutely correct about  not putting yourself in the wrong spot at the wrong time as a transgender woman.  Genetic women are well versed in the potential problems! On the other hand, this situation surprised me because I had done my homework. I was with my girlfriend, in a place we were familiar with.  The clientele was older and mellow and the food in the place was good "pub food".  The mistake was we were there a little later than we had ever been there before.  The bottom line is though, we as transgender women can never be sure of possible public situations and have to be aware at all times.

For the sake of discussion, here are my rules of thumb in a possible confrontation:

1.-Size it up.  Is there a chance of a physical confrontation?
2.-Embarrassment? Am I at risk of embarrassing friends that are with me or a place that I have been welcomed in the past? The absolute last thing I want to happen is for them to be brought into a problem I caused. I'm a big girl in more ways than one.
3.-Education. Is it possible to educate my harassers and let them know what I'm doing is not just a "hobby"? I just don't go and throw on a dress as a lark.
4.-Leave with dignity and never let them know how badly they have hurt me.

The problem with these situations are, they are similar to quicksand. You can get in over your head before you know it and have to be so careful!


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