The "Anti Jerry Springer?"

Jasmine Ford
Let's hope so! You can only hear "I was born a man" or "tranny" so much in the same hour. According to the Miami New Times a new talk show for the transgender "niche" will started on line this week.

 "Jasmine Ford, is lending her voice -- and face -- to Miami's transgender community with her talk show, The Gender Experience. Ford, 41, describes her middle class upbringing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as traditional, where topics such as gender disorders were never discussed. She recalls how other children around her would "solidify their gender identity and begin learning and mimicking the appropriate behavior prescribed for their sex." But for her, and others like her, this did not happen. "The popular description of being 'trapped in the wrong body' is an accurate one," says Ford."

The Gender Experience actually premiered last night,  Thursday, December 19, at 10 p.m. on TruRythme.TV. Personal inquires can be made to, and the live taping will be held at CL Gaskin Center (5525 NW Seventh Ave., Miami).

For more on if you can listen on line and the story go here.