Freezer Pop

For once it seems the Farmer's Almanac is correct, we here in Ohio at least, are headed for the worst winter since T Rex ruled here. Of course the almanac has been rumored to have called for winters such as this since T Rex was an egg somewhere...Dammit!  Yes, now I can feel better about my limited colorful vocabulary since Ohioans were voted to use the most cuss words in the country! Hey, number one is number one &#@%#.

Anyhow,back to winter. Used to enjoy it. Used to want to vacation on the balmy winter beaches of  Lake more.  Relax, I'm not going to cut loose with an 'Ohio Proud' string of cuss words.  Instead, I'm going to blame three little letters - H.R.T.

I'm fond of reminding cross dressers and transgender women alike, when your daughter or spouse tells you to go put more clothes on a cold day, she may be being more helpful than you think. Women are cold critters and when you go messing with your gender hormones, out goes the old furnace and in comes the walk in freezer. She may just mean you better put some more clothes on

Since I'm really tired of being told "welcome to our world" by genetic women, I simply think, "this is what I signed up for but why is it so dammed cold?"
Other than the obvious ways to fend off the winter chills, I have discovered another way to feel warmer. Just whine about it. No one listens anyhow and it makes me feel better!


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