Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

This week's edition will be definitely be a different one due the week's activity around here in the "Condo".

In the travel section I already touched on the fact I have been a traveling girl for most of the week and one of the spots you don't really want to drive all over in a ice/sleet/snow storm is hilly Cincinnati, Ohio.  But we all survived, including my car.

In a "Sports Section" update,  my Bengals helped sooth the pain of my Buckeyes tanking the BigTen Championship game last night by winning big today.  As I have written continually, the Buckeye's have provided many good memories and the Bengals, tons of bad during my life.

In the Fashion Section, today turned out to be an early Christmas treat for me.  My girlfriend has mentioned a number of times of how she used to be an Avon consultant.  Today, I just happened to notice two nice aluminum fold out cases.  I asked what they were for and was told they were makeup training cases.  I said Really? and asked if they were both empty.  Turns out, one wasn't and one was and the fun started.

Yesterday she colored my hair into more of a golden brown from the highlighted red it course we had to play with new makeup shades from the case to match my hair. The bad news was my small makeup bag I brought with me was too full for everything. The good news was, I had a bigger bag with me. Most certainly I will do quite a bit of experimentation this week with the new shades before next weekend's company Christmas where she works.

That's it for our Sunday Edition! Thanks for browsing.


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