Cyrsti's Condo "Fashion Tip"

I'm sure many of us remember the old fashion days of leather pants and skirts etc.

As with everything else in fashion, they are back and the question now as then, can we, should we wear them?

Here's a look from Fabulous after 40 's fashion expert Deborah Boland  who answered my questions.

It’s been many years since I’ve worn leather pants, but a few weeks ago I was out shopping and spotted a pair of luxurious, leather leggings that got me really excited. My first thought was, ”Could I, should I, wear leather leggings now I’m over 50?” In less than 10 minutes I was in and out of the dressing room, handing over my credit card, and feeling pretty triumphant about my new purchase.

Similar to her, I wear a lot of black leggings and skinny jeans but I have reservations about buying a pair of (faux) leather leggings for fear of looking "over the top". But, "here's the 'skinny' on a few tips for how to wear black leather leggings from Deborah. Very simply, it all depends on what you wear your leggings with. The problem is, for all of us who are struggle to become comfortable with all this "girl" stuff, nothing is simple.  Read on for help:

 DO wear your leggings with:

Tops that flow and are not too tight so the silhouette is wider,
Looser on top and narrow, skinny on the bottom tops that end below your hip bones ( minimum) and even better that cover your bum,
Longer cozy loose slightly oversized sweaters narrow cut ( but not tight) blouses and shirts tunic dresses or tops
Blazers layered with a long top or sweater underneath sporty and classic pieces

DO NOT wear with:

Tops that are too short, tops that are too tight, tops that are flimsy and see through.
Very sexy tops with deep V-necks and cutouts.
Tall, high-heeled leather boots anything with biker gang looking buckles, studs and chains.

There are more DO NOTS, and as I read them, I suddenly wondered did Deborah write them for us?

NEVER wear the leggings (or anything else for that matter with:)

Too much glitz and shiny cheap fabrics.
Too much jewelry or too many accessories.
Piles of make-up.
Big hair.

There is more, follow the link above!


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