Sunday Evening in Cyrsti's Condo

Normally I try to answer all the mail around here and tidy up my thoughts over a cup o joe here on Sunday morning.

This week I was gone for a couple days and hightailed it back home just ahead of a huge storm which battered the Midwestern United States.

So now it's time to sit down and catch up with all of you.

Other than the time spent with my girlfriend, I had the most fun not packing any male clothes at all.  The week I had playing with the stereotypical  male tasks such as electric and plumbing was erased this weekend. Nothing really amazing happened except what the weather did to my hair after I washed it last night and just let it air dry. Today I have all this wonderful wild reddish wavy hair.

Looking back, to comments from last week, Pat commented on the "Mommies Little Girl" post:

"The question of environment or genetics is tough. I suspect it is a combination of both and the fact that in my case my mother was treated with heavy doses of estrogen and perhaps DES during her pregnancy with me. Women of that generation took pride in their feminine appearance, their housekeeping, their cooking, etc. They were survivors of the depression and WWII. They counted their blessings and had an appreciation of the values that they saw around them in the post WWII era."

Thanks Pat, for mentioning DES as the pregnancy drug's name I can never remember!  As I mentioned in the post, estrogen or DES baths in the womb were certainly better than the alternative of not being in this dimension at all. As the children of the "Greatest Generation" we did have a real dbl edge sword of values versus understanding from our parents.  Interestingly, until I was watching a JFK special recently, I didn't realize Kennedy was the generational president of many of the WWII vets.  After his death, they quickly faded into Nixon's "Silent Majority".

Enough of history already.  These days I wonder if kids of both genders are at the least pushed to the middle of the spectrum because of all the medications and hormones they are exposed to from day one-or before in the womb.

At the least the future should be brighter for all of them as the transgender youth of the world are beginning to write their own public story, out of the shadows of stealth.

Thanks for the comment Pat, I marvel at how our pasts intermingle and have to think many others do too. I just can't figure out which hormone in the womb made you a Yankee fan? Maybe "A-Rodgen?".