Laura Jane Grace

Legendary Floridian punk rock outfit Against Me! have finally set a release date for their long anticipated sixth full-length studio album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, the follow-up to 2010′s White Crosses, as well as revealing the tracklisting and cover artwork.

 The 10-track record will be out next January and will offer a highly autobiographical insight into frontwoman Laura Jane Grace‘s journey through gender identity, self discovery and ultimately love and acceptance, as well as her trademark dominant vocals and no-holds-barred songwriting.

I'm adding a couple pictures showing the HRT progress in Laura's pictures, specifically with her hair (which I LOVE!) and the joy in her face!

For more go here.

 Check out the titles of four of the cuts:
 01. Transgender Dysphoria Blues
02. True Trans Soul Rebel
03. Unconditional Love
04. Drinking With The Jocks