Gossip Monger!

Got to love the lipstick!
Awwwwright! I may like a little celebrity gossip as much as the next girl- transgender or not.
From IBT  to the Cyrsti's Condo gossip section:

Recently Lauren Harries (left) made headlines when she revealed her alleged fling with comedian and actor Russell Brand - and now the transgender star is plotting to name and shame some of her other high-profile conquests. Harries claimed that she had a brief fling with Brand after they met during the seventh series of Big Brother in 2006.

She said that Russell was hosting Big Brother's Big Mouth and Lauren was asked to be a guest on the after-show. "I knew it would take a man with real awareness and strength to take me on," she said. Brand has denied the allegations. "With respect to the ol' transgender community, I didn't have it off with the antiques kid," he tweeted. But Harries insisted that their nights of passion did happen.

Of course there is a forthcoming book and Harries, The Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who finished third in this year's final, will reveal the identities of the stars she said she has bedded in an explosive new tell-all book.