Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Giving Credit

Here is a follow up post looking back at the Phil Donahue show.  I always try to give credit on any information I find on the web.
The video I posted came through Monica Robert's Trangriot blog and here is an excerpt:

"Phil Donahue's talk show based out of Chicago started in 1970 and was the gold standard in that genre for years. Phil had the number one rated talk show in the 80's and early 90's before Oprah took that title away and his show canceled in 1996. He was one of the first talk show hosts to discuss trans issues and for the most part did so without sensationalizing it. These shows were a huge assist in terms of me and other trans people during that time trying to gather information on trans issues during the pre-Internet era. However, watching them with our second decade of the 21st century evolution on these issues and terms we use in the community now can be grating on your nerves at times. But peeps, this is what we had to work with at the time ."

As I said in my post Donahue actually started a year or two before 1970 but made it big when he moved to Chicago as Monica said. Here is part of his bio:

"At WHIO in Dayton, he became a newscaster, and also started a radio talk show called Conversation Piece. In 1967 he joined a rival station, WLWD-TV, and tried out a new format, a talk show aimed at "women who think." His idea was to involve the audience, and have them interact in person, or via telephone, with his guests. His topics attempted to be substantive, relevant, informative, and somewhat controversially progressive."

That's when I began to see Donahue when we lived about 20 miles from Dayton.
The most relevant statement Monica made was "peeps, this is what we had to work with at the time."
It's great she remembered Phil!

Plus here is another video on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen:

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