Early Transgender Encounter of the Third Kind?

One of the other sites I subscribe to recently asked the question "What is your earliest human experience"?
I sort of changed it a bit to "What is your earliest transgender experience"?
I can't be sure of this but I'm fairly certain mine had to be under the age of five.
I really don't even remember exactly where we were but it seemed to be quite a piece away and I hadn't been there before or since. Of course at that age everything seems far away!
At any rate, I remember clearly exchanging glances with a very big woman. I know you are thinking it wouldn't be tough for anyone to look very big to a child that small. So true but I know now how smaller kids look at me. It's just possible she was watching me for a adverse reaction which we know happens all too often from kids.
My most vivid memory I have of a younger child was one day I was out blissfully shopping. The day was feeling great. Found a few bargains and navigated the public with ease until I ran into a Mom and her very inquisitive young daughter. Before I could move around a rack of clothes away from her, the daughter had an opportunity to check me out. The bad news was she screamed "Momma, look at the big mean woman!" the good news is she called me a woman.
Of course my lesson was to soften up my facial features.  Certainly,  if you really want to test how well you present as a transgender woman or man-just test yourself on a young kid.
Could have been I was tested years ago?